Well, it’s finally happening.


The Professional Copywriters’ Network — the first online association for UK copywriters — is holding its first conference. It’ll be on Friday 11 October at Haberdashers’ Hall, London.

In the year since ABC Copywriting’s Tom Albrighton and I launched the network, it has attracted nigh on 700 members.

That’s a lot of copywriters. Certainly more than a conference of them.

We’re getting a good number of Early Bird bookings, so far from copywriters who know a good thing when they see it — and want to save a few quid.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if some smart businesspeople got on board too. The speakers are top-flight, and they’re not just talking about how to hone your copy techniques — they’re revealing how they win business for their clients.

Even if I couldn’t write for toffee, I’d want a slice of that.

Take a look. These are our speakers, and what they’ll be talking about.

  • Dave Trott. Predatory thinking for copywriters. Dave’s a Madison Avenue trained copywriter, founder of GGT (one of the most influential and disruptive agencies of the 80s) and founder of the D&AD Advertising Workshops. You’ll know him as author of Creative Mischief and Predatory Thinking: A Masterclass in Out-Thinking the Competition.
  • Dee Blick, FICM. How to turn prospects into clients — and write a no. 1 bestseller.  Dee is an astonishingly gifted response copywriter. She’s generated £10m+ sales for small businesses on the titchiest of shoestring budgets. Her self-published The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book topped the Amazon lists and has attracted 115 five star ratings to date. It also snagged her a book deal with Wiley, which is publishing her 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for Your Small Business later this year.
  • Andy Maslen. Why the cutting edge has a bone handle: the age-old direct marketing secrets that still work today. Andy probably needs no introduction. He’s author of Write to Sell: the Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting and TheCopywriting Sourcebook: How to Write Better Copy. Andy is a direct response copywriter who has worked with PwC, The Prudential, The Economist Group, Time Out and many others – and is one of the best speakers on copy techniques out there.
  • David Shanks. Telling the story of your brand. David is a copy-based creative director who works with agencies and direct clients around the world on anything that requires intelligent thinking and good execution. He is a two-time Grand Jury Judge of The New York Festival, a judge on the Longhand 2.0 Long Copy Awards and the author of The Special Brand. 

What you’ll learn about marketing from these four people could easily pay for your ticket many times over.

So, whether you’re a copywriter, marketer, businessperson – or you’re simply keen on words or generating sales – booking a place is a no brainer.

You can do it here today. Looking forward to seeing you there.