I vowed not to blog today – I’ve too much else to fit in – but this story was too good not to share.

According to the New York Post, porn star Alexia Moore and topless dancer Falynn Rodriguez may evade prostitution charges because of a legal – ahem – cock up.

When prosecutors drew up the charges, they accidentally wrote that the duo did “engage, offer and agree” to acts of prostitution with a plain clothes cop, rather than that they did “engage, offer or agree” to them.

As it happens, the two women have only been accused of offering a threesome for $5,000, and not of carrying it out. So the ‘engage’ clause shouldn’t be coming into play. If only the lawyers had consulted their state penal code…

The judge in the case is due to make a decision on the matter tomorrow. The defendants both claim that they’re not “that kind of stripper” – which is all fine and dandy, but it’s certainly nice to see how an error of language can provide publicity for the services they do offer.