The only really good thing about an apostrophe catastrophe is saying the phrase in a thick French accent. Try it – it’s fun.

But to put a dodgy apostrophe in your fashion brand’s name. Well… ce n’est pas chic.

That’s exactly what My Pant’s in Paris’s Rue Montorgueuil has done, as you can see.

Either somebody blundered, or someone thought the extra punctuation would look quirky.

But it doesn’t. It just looks foolish.

And searching for the brand in Google becomes much more difficult – the search engine ignores the apostrophe by default. And that’s a marketing own goal.

So there’s a bit of a lesson here. If you create a brand name in a foreign language, get a native-speaking copywriter to work on it.

If you don’t, you’ll get mocked… c’est fou ça.