I am sure most readers of this blog are avid followers of the Miss Jamaica World competition. No? You ought to stay in more.

I’d better bring you up to speed. One of this year’s candidates is Jhnnell Eastman, a young beauty of 23 who wants to write “novels or copywriting for commercials”. Normally that would be enough for me to back her against pretty much any competition.

But there’s a catch. Jhnnell is also an admirer of Bono. Yes, Bono, the tax-dodging pop star who likes nothing better than to tell politicians how to spend their tax revenues.

Jhnnell says she would like to meet Bono and “hear about his life experiences”.

Most people would rather nail their upper lip to a wall than do that, but I hope she does see her superstar. All those stories about money being saved from Irish public coffers would make exceptionally beautiful copy.