New research released by comScore suggests that there’s a growing need for online copywriters who have a talent for appealing to mums.

Defining ‘mums’ as women aged 25-54 who lived with children, the study uncovered a UK audience of 4.6 million who logged in during July, making over 52 individual visits over the period and clocking up an average of 26.7 hours surfing time

Broadly speaking, these figures are similar to those of the average internet user, but the research found that ‘mums’ were much more likely to visit retail sites. Some sectors in particular would be strongly advised to pitch their website content to this demographic.

For instance, the increased likelihood that UK mums would visit sites in these sectors is highly significant for retailers.

  • Retail – Toys 32%
  • Retail – Fragrances/ Cosmetics 30%
  • Kids’ Entertainment 28%
  • Shipping 26%
  • Retail – Food 19%
  • Retail – Mall 18%
  • Directories 17%
  • Retail – Apparel 16%
  • Retail – Tickets 14%
  • Family & Parenting 13%

Mike Read, comScore Europe’s Senior Vice President and MD said:

It’s clear from their heavy visitation of retail sites that mums represent an important shopping segment, so it is critical for marketers and retailers to understand how to reach this audience online and influence their spending behavior – both online and offline.

So, if you own a retail business and you want to appeal to mums with copywriting that will have them reaching for their bank cards, please contact us – we’d be delighted to help.