During the few spare minutes I’ve had this week, I’ve been thinking about the companies that I’d love to turn into clients. I could tell you about my passion, enthusiasm, excitement and whatnot for certain brands or companies, but it would ring hollow. What I’m really after is one thing.


Chuck in a freebie and you’ll motivate me more than the fattest cheque (though, please, do understand that I don’t find fat cheques even remotely demotivating. Even a biro sketch of a fat cheque and a freebie will spark off a Pavlovian reaction of joy).

That’s not to say I’m in the market for selling my soul. Quite the opposite. The freebies I would like would nourish it. Here are a few examples:

  • Wine from Lea and Sanderman.
  • Beer from the St Peter’s Brewery.
  • Suits from Gieves & Hawkes.
  • Bicycles from Pashley.
  • DVDs from the BFI.
  • Music from Hyperion (or pretty much any good classical music label).

But that’s just me. I get motivated by life’s pleasures which, in turn, put me in a better frame of mind for copywriting.

Nor am I the only one: I asked a variety of other copywriters and freelance writers on Twitter which companies they would love to work for. Some were motivated by chocolate, others by causes, most by their interests and enthusiasms. This is what they said:

Christine Cawthorne from Crocstar Media:
@benlocker Would LOVE to work for Cox&Cox. Beautiful products, brilliantly sold in the catalogue/website. I just can’t resist!

Shannon Serwin from Advanced Creative Endeavors:
Hey Ben – would love to continue to build my niche in copy for websites and SEO campaigns ~ thanks!

Susan Pinna, freelance copywriter from Italy:
@benlocker Since becoming a Mum I’d love to write copy for Mothercare, Johnson & Johnson, Pampers – that sort of thing.

Chris Miller, freelance copywriter from Harrogate:@benlocker The campaign for Richard Dawkins’ next book. Assuming it’s not about flower arranging or steam engines, of course.

Sarah Turner from Turner Ink:
I like working clients that give me free stuff. So Jimmy Choo, Odeon Cinema, Cadbury’s and Arsenal FC would all be good. 🙂

Andrew Nattan from Unmemorable Title:
I wrote some on-hold marketing for Aston Villa once, but I’d really like to do some work for Leeds United. Passion = great copy

Angela Montague from Push Creativity:
Pilgrim Jewelery, simply because it seems to have dropped out of my wildest dreams, and Amnesty International.

Desiree Koh freelance writer from Singapore:
Hey Ben – I’d LOVE to write for Guinness, adidas, Chicago Cubs, Bruce Springsteen, the pizza industry, Luna bars, Oakley,Nepal the country.

Rob Wood from Rob Writes:
@benlocker I really want to write menus. I can spend hours reading the one from our local curry house – it’s so bizarre it’s genius

Nikki Bayley, freelance copywriter from Brighton:
Love to work with exciting destinations, responsible & ethical companies and – of course – all purveyors of fine chocolate…

Tim Atkinson from Bringing up Charlie:
copywriting: would love to write great stuff for so-called family travel firms. Negotiating London with a toddler yesterday was awful!

Sue Varty from Wordtree:
I would love to write for Highrise or Freshbooks.

Rob Self-Pierson, freelance writer from Waltham Abbey:
Dear Jim, can you fix it for me? I always thought it’d be great to write for a computer game manufacturer like EA Games….

Jill Tomlinson, advertising copywriter from Manchester:
Fave copy jobs lucky enough to have so far – Thorntons Chocs, MAG the landmines charity. Would love to get into fashion!

And there we have it. Whatever you need copy writing for, there’s a copywriter out there who’s keen to sharpen their pencil on your behalf.

They’re also a nice bunch of people. That’s what makes working with a copywriter so rewarding. Let’s hope this post helps put some of them in touch with their dream clients…