David Ogilvy, founder of the world’s greatest advertising agency, called direct mail his ‘secret weapon’.

Without it, he would never have won his first major clients – and Ogilvy & Mather wouldn’t be the household name it is today.

You too can make use of this secret weapon – and pull in more profit for your business.

Whether you want to win new clients or sell your products, good direct mail gets you profitable and measurable results.

That’s why I use it to promote my own services. It works.

Measurable marketing that works

Whether you want to create a direct mail postcard or a ‘full dress’ mailing, complete with sales letter, brochure, ‘lift’ letter and reply slip, I will help you get it right.

And by using direct mail copywriting techniques that have been proven to improve response, I cut out guesswork and go straight for the sale.

From house sales to catering, property services to accountancy, I’ve used direct mail to pull in prospects and make sales where traditional advertising would have struggled.

No wonder direct mail is back on the up and up – it’s a boom industry because more and more business are relying on its results.

So, take a look to your right for examples of our work, and get an edge over your competition with a carefully planned direct mail campaign..


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