White papers – publications that share your business’s expertise – are an effective way of establishing yourself as a leading player in your industry.

If you publish top quality research, advice, sector analysis or guidance, it does wonders for your reputation and makes your brand more visible.

Most businesses have lots of expertise to share. The problems they face are finding time to write it down and producing white papers that look and read professionally.

I can help you write white papers in one of two ways.

  1. You brief me thoroughly and I use your knowledge and expertise to create the publication you would have written yourself – if you had more time.
  2. You give me a broad topic to write about and I’ll do the research, write the paper and get it fact-checked.

Either way, you get a white paper that helps cement your reputation as a thought leader – and that will have positive long-term effects for your brand and your sales.

No matter which sector you’re in, the chances are I have experience writing for it.

So why not get ready to publish a first-class white paper? Just get in touch today to get started.