One of the clearest signs that the recession is fading – and I’m talking here from a copywriter‘s perspective – is the renewed demand for print publications. Where I spent much of the downturn concentrating on the growing market for online copywriting, businesses are increasingly asking for corporate brochures, white papers, leaflets, posters and all the other print items that got slashed from firms’ marketing budgets during the lean days.

The new-found confidence and spending power is also spilling over into the online world, and some companies are investing in complete website redesigns – and the copy to match.

It’s all good news for me, particularly as I get even more variety and enjoyment out of my work. But I won’t believe that the recession is finally over until I’m asked to do the copywriting for one or more brand-new corporate newsletters.

Company newsletters – a sign of corporate health

In my experience, corporate newsletters are barometers that indicate a company’s health. If a firm cuts back on its in-house publication, then further economies are just round the corner. If it abolishes it, morale is probably rock bottom.

On the flip side, relaunching a corporate newsletter is a good way to tell the world that your company is on the up. Launching one is a sign that you’ve well and truly arrived. And just because you don’t have your own in-house editorial team – like the paper factory in the fantastic informational film below – doesn’t mean you can’t produce a stunning corporate newsletter for your staff, clients and potential clients.

It’s always nice to see people take pride in their work. If you’d like your corporate newsletter to reflect the pride you take in your own business, then please get in touch – we know how business copywriting can bring together profit and pleasure.