Copywriters will take heart at ad:tech’s new research, which has found that nearly half the visitors to its show are planning to spend 30 per cent of their budgets on digital marketing. With that kind of money sloshing about, there shouldn’t be too much difficulty for good digital copywriters to get a slice of the action.

Ironically, in a press release entitled Jargon Preventing Increased Online Marketing Spend, Christophe Asselin, Event Director for ad:tech, used acres of jargon to interpret the findings.

There are clearly opportunities for marketers to capitalise on the increasing investment by UK businesses in online marketing however this needs to be allied with an understanding of business needs, not marketing jargon. The language barrier has created a fracture between traditional and online marketing and has generated frustrations amongst many marketers who wish to integrate online within their current marketing strategy. The research shows the demand for tangible impact…

Sadly, language barriers are only made worse by phrases like ‘integrate online with’ and ‘demand for tangible impact’.

Copywriting is only one element of a digital marketing strategy, but you do need a good copywriter if you are to avoid repelling customers with unreadable jargon — and ad:tech is no exception.

Mr Asselin, we can help — and we understand your business needs. Call us on 01206 266 799 today, or contact us for a some copywriting advice. It won’t cost anything near 30 per cent of your budget.