Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world – and provides a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves. But what should you have on your Facebook business page to get people interested in your brand?

What should you put in your Facebook posts?

There’s no point creating a business page if you never post anything. But what you do post has to be interesting, not something like ‘hey guys am so happy to have fifty followers, let’s try and get to 250.’ This makes your brand come across as a bit needy and desperate. Instead, opt for funny posts which contain important news or benefits for your fans.

Posting for ‘freelance’ brands.

Bubzbeauty has found fame on YouTube as a make-up artist and has her own line of fashion wear. I follow her on Facebook and YouTube. Her page is about making people laugh, with statuses like: “=( All I wanted to do was make the bf some heart shaped pancakes for V-day… fail =_=….lol”.

Bubz updates her status regularly but doesn’t do it too often, so she’s promoting herself without bombarding her fans with marketing messages. Bubzbeauty’s page isn’t just about funny remarks – she promotes videos of herself, and any new fashionwear that will be out soon.

Posting for larger companies

With a lot of bigger companies, there’s a trend for Facebook pages full of facts and marketing messages.

If you take a look at Microsoft’s Facebook page, you’ll find its posts are full of interesting statistics like: “In honor of Safer Internet Day, Microsoft is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to host ‘‘Family ‘Online’ Game Nights” featuring Kinect for Xbox 360 during the month of February. Do you play Xbox with your kids? According to the most recent Microsoft survey, more than half of parents’ gaming hours are spent playing with their children.”

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, on the other hand, has a completely different approach – posting things that make you smile like: “The results are in for our UK Panto Cows flavour fans. The winner of UK Panto Cow 2010…..is….drum roll….wait….more drum roll….DAVE! Congrats to Porthcawl’s most moovellous cow and a big thank moo to all contestants and voters. Peace, Love and Panto Cows, B&J’s”.

Are Ben and Jerry’s on to something? They have 2,434,104 likes whilst Microsoft only has 429, 354. These statistics hint that a funnier Facebook page will get more ‘likes’ and therefore a wider audience.

How often should I post and what should I post?

One of the most annoying things when you like a brand on Facebook and it posts a new status every five minutes. If a brand clogs up your homepage, then you’ll probably ditch it fast.

It’s usually better to post once or twice a week and to post something that appeals to new Facebookers and old ones. For example, if you’ve been posting things like “We are now launching the incredible banana phone – buy yours at www…” try and incorporate a sense of that into your next status. Something like this: “I’m going literally bananas waiting to get to the new banana phones – but no they’ve sold out… Buy your banana phone online before the monkeys do!”

Followers love competitions, so be sure to have one of them every few months. Hardly anyone likes a page which is full of facts and sounds a bit too much like a business letter, so make fun, eye catching and different – after all Facebook is a social networking site!

So, use good copywriting to add a sense of fun and keep people coming back for more –your Facebook page shouldn’t be a replica of your website.

Post by Lydia, a student who is currently doing work experience at Ben Locker & Associates