Ben Locker & Associates would like to welcome Johan van der Merwe to what is now rightfully called ‘the team’.

Johan’s from Cape Town, South Africa. After overindulging in English literature as a boy, he got it into his head to study in England and quickly rattled through a BA in Viking Studies and an MA in History at the University of Nottingham.

So, if you need to commission any chronicles, death warrants, theological treatises or brochures for Viking longboats, then we’re the copywriting agency for you.

Johan’s aptitude for the English language, his keen eye for detail, and a mind that’s rather too full of dreadful Victorian poetry, give him a natural suitability to be a Junior Copywriter. So he’s now with us, pen in hand, working his magic on business websites and corporate literature.

“It’s great to be here,” said Johan, “and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into some copywriting. I’m most keen to exercise my hand at moulding language, and turning it to create such forms that will, in their turn, dazzle and dare the mind, and lead down paths that will, well…” [I think you mean ‘write clear copy that make sales for clients’ – Ed.]

After the above paragraph was edited down from its original 4,000-word essay format, Johan continued: “While here, I hope to learn as much as I can about the copywriting industry, and the businesses this agency serves. I also hope that my presence will help the business grow, and that I can play a role in taking it to new heights.”

Johan was also very grateful to have finally made it to Essex, particularly after being delayed for 10 days by a cloud of volcanic ash that seemed – at times – to be the first salvo of Armageddon. Tossed from pillar to post by obscure airlines, he spent four days in a Johannesburg hotel while being told conflicting stories.

Looking back at the experience, Johan said: “I thought I was just getting on a flight. Instead I spent days losing my grip on reality and obsessing about our place in the cosmic latticework. I’ve got over it now, and have come away with insight into the monumental incompetence of airlines, poor communication, ripe misinformation, plus the effects of exploding volcanoes. I can live with the volcanoes, but it’s a bit much having to pay for the other three.

We just very pleased to have him here and hope you’ll get a chance to meet and work with him soon.

Follow Johan on Twitter: @johanvdMuk