When I asked yesterday whether copywriters had any perceived social status, readers’ comments suggested that there is another, more pressing, question that needs to be asked.

Rather than come up with a new way of asking it, I’ll pinch Rowena Forbes‘ comment wholesale:

Don’t you think, as people who are supposed to be ‘good with words’, that we really should be able to come up with a job title that actually conveys to people what we do?

Many of you agreed. When you tell people you’re a copywriter, most haven’t got a clue what you do for a living. Some think you do something with legal patents. Others think you put the little ‘c’ in the circle (ho, bloody ho).

But, yes – we could do with more clarity. Obviously, I want to attract clients who know what a copywriter or copywriting agency is – but what about those who want my services, but don’t know how to find them in Google?

So, what do you think? Should we continue to call ourselves ‘copywriters’? Or should we switch to ‘freelance writers’ or something completely different?

Share your thoughts below. I’m sure they’ll be clear ones…