When we interview clients about their businesses, we always want to know about the little extras they offer – and their competitors don’t.

At our copywriting agency we think of it as the extra sweet our client adds after the scales have gone down.

The concept comes from Just William, the first book in Richmal Crompton’s series about the 11-year-old scapegrace William Brown.

In the matter of sweets, William frankly upheld the superiority of quantity over quality. Moreover, he knew every sweet shop within a two miles radius of his home whose proprietor added an extra sweet after the scale had descended, and he patronised these shops exclusively. With solemn face and eager eye, he always watched the process of weighing, and “stingy” shops were known and banned by him.

So if you want to keep on winning the business of your customers, ask yourself what ‘sweets’ you’re giving them as a welcome extra.

Because if you’re not offering any, you’ll get a reputation for being “stingy” and they’ll go elsewhere.

Little extras are welcome - but don't overdo it