We’re sometimes asked what a copywriting agency is, and what benefits one can offer. This page is here to answer that question

A copywriting agency is a company that employs a number of copywriters.

This gives clients the benefits they would get from working with a single, freelance copywriter — they can still have very close relationships with writers — but it offers them additional capabilities.

In particular, a copywriting agency provides its clients with a much wider range of specialisms, simply because it employs a range of different copywriting experts.

Few freelance copywriters could offer expertise in medicine, fashion, motoring, textiles, accountancy, employment and languages — but when copywriters join forces in a copywriting agency, they can cover topics like these and many more.

Other benefits to using a copywriting agency include better availability, faster turnaround times and copywriters who concentrate on writing rather than trying to run a small freelance business. Consistency of service is a major selling point.

Copywriting agencies make good partners for growing businesses, or firms that have irregular or demanding copywriting requirements. Freelance copywriters may struggle with major jobs, and many prefer to work with clients who offer regular and predictable levels of work.

Two copywriting agency models

In the UK, copywriting agencies follow two main models. The first is a kind of pseudo-agency, which is really a collective of freelance copywriters marketing themselves under one name. They have no single premises and usually work from home.

The more effective model – used by our own agency – is a company of employed copywriters working from the same premises. The advantage of this model is that the agency is always available during office hours and clients can visit.

Creatively, there are huge advantages to copywriters working together — and the free sharing of ideas improves the standard of work they produce.

Choosing a copywriting agency is very much like choosing any other partner organisation — you look for a company that shares your outlook and offers the specialisms you need.

But with more copywriters on the team, an agency offers services you can rely on more consistently than those provided by individual freelancers.

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