What makes writing for the web so different to good, old fashioned copywriting?

Quite simply, writing for the web has to be just as good, readable and interesting as traditional copywriting – but it also needs a dash of technical know-how.

This know-how is called SEO copywriting (search engine optimised copywriting). If someone’s good at it, readers won’t even notice the difference – but the search engines will. That’s why effective online copywriting is so much in demand: it not only keeps potential customers reading, but it helps attract them in the first place.

Writing for web works

We can prove it. It’s probably how you find this site (perhaps you typed something like this). But if you are going to get the maximum benefit, you need to add regular and top-quality writing to your website. If you don’t, your competitors will – and they’ll start taking your customers.

We offer effective, economical writing for the web – and we make sure it works for you. Visit our online copywriting section or contact us to find out more.